Nepal in Pictures


I just returned from a week in Nepal.  We travelled to several areas, all of which had their own unique character.  This post just shows Kathmandu, the capitol of Nepal.  Kathmandu was ancient, beautiful, filthy, chaotic, hot, dusty, delicious, poverty stricken, friendly, gracious, corrupt.  It felt like the opening scenes in Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ movie had come to life, minus the Arabs and the cleaned up disneyesque part.  I will write more, but for now I hope you enjoy the pictures.

If you wish to see a larger version of the pictures, just click on them.



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  1. those pictures are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing them. I am not sure I would like to go there, but it certainly is fascinating to see your pictures.
    I had a friend I worked with at Harvard who was/is a landowner but the entire
    family decamped to Austrailia a couple of years ago for family safety. Oddly, he
    actually went to the University of New Hampshire, and he and his wife were here for two years so she could go to Brandeis to study ways to help abused women
    back home — which is almost impossible, I guess.

    • I hope your friend is successful! The problems and issues in Nepal are complicated and multifaceted at the very least. I would find myself thinking, ‘if only they had clean water’, or ‘if only they had paved roads’ and then start to think about what it would take to accomplish that one task. It became clear quickly that what seems simple here is not so simple. Culture, habit, corruption, history, poverty all coalesce to make life really challenging. Despite that fact, the Nepali people are some of the kindest, warmest, most wonderful people I have ever met.

  2. Fabulous pictures! Couldn’t tell whether or not it’s okay for the dog to pee in public, though. We also noticed the vast web of electric wires EVERYWHERE. It looks really dangerous.

    • I noticed the jury rigged electricity too. I often thought about fires in the warrens of buildings and how I would get everyone out. After a while i just had to come up with rudimentary plans and put it out of my mind or I would be totally anxiety ridden. There were more immediate dangers to deal with. Don’t go to Nepal if you are not a risk taker, that is for sure!!

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