Image  I was given the Sunshine Award for my Blog!

I have met some amazing people through my blog and one of them nominated me for the sunshine award!  Thank you Mona!!  Mona takes amazing pictures and you should check out her blog, Ramblings, at  Mona takes pictures that reflect her life and find incredible beauty in the small, unexpected moments.

The award has some guidelines to be followed.

1.  Include the logo in a post on your blog.

2.  Answer 10 questions about yourself.

3. Nominate 10-12 marvelous bloggers.

4. Let your nominees knows about their award by linking them to the Sunshine Award in their comments sections.

5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you!


10 Questions for the Sunshine Award….

1. Favorite Color:  Twilight blue – the deep cornflower blue of the summer sky just before sunset.

2. Favorite Animal:  My dog, Pete!

3. Favorite Number: 17.  I don’t know why, it just is.

4. Favorite Drink: All kinds of tea, and a good glass of wine on a special evening.

5. Facebook or Twitter:  FB. I am totally twignorant 🙂

6. Your Passion:  My family, and travel – learning about the world through food and culture.

7. Favorite Pattern:  The Escher birds print

8. Giving or Receiving: Giving!

9. Favorite Day: Any day with sunshine.

10. Favorite Flower: a tie between lilies and a field of queen anne’s lace.

The Following bloggers have brought sunshine to my life. Please take a minute and check out their work!   A mother of special needs children living far from her home country. She eloquently describes the challenges of parenting with love and joy.

Laura Lee Burch  One of the most amazing artists I have come across.  She felts and does costume design.

Mills Cross Musings  I love the sweet simplicity I find here.  It keeps me connected with my lovely Hudson Valley.

Bucket List Publications  This is the modern age of arm chair travelogue.  If you ever dreamed of trying it or going there, they have done it or are planning it 🙂

Nancy  The best teacher (and teacher’s blog) anyone could hope to find.  Keep up the great work!

James Gurney  An artist with great technical skill and the ability to transfer the magic of a childhood vision onto a page and have you believe it all over again. (Dinotopia author and illustrator)

Baker Bettie  If cookies are your passion this is the blog for you!

Nitty Gritty Dirt Man  He is the gardener we all wish we were (or were at least neighbors with).  Great advice and beautiful pictures.

Deidra Alexander  Creative writing and inspiration for all you aspiring writers.  Keep up the great work.


About tvglgw

I am an expat wife, mom, RN, felter and sometimes knitter moving from the Hudson Valley, USA to Shanghai, China. I have 3 kids. One is staying in the US to finish college and two are joining me on my adventures.

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  1. Hello:
    I wanted to thank you for this nomination. It’s always an honor to be recognized by a fellow blogger — and I appreciate how you described my site. 🙂 So, I will work on the acceptance response — I’m thinking of my ten facts. Enjoy the day!

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