Mystery Food Challenge 3.0


Ok, here’s the latest installment of “What is it and would you eat it??”  Also, “what do you do with it once you’ve figured out what it is??”

This week’s food is a little smaller than a clementine (or about the size of a squash ball for my sports fans).

It looks like a giant cousin to the puff balls we all found in the woods as kids.

It has a brown/greenish skin/shell which is VERY tough and must be cut carefully with a very sharp knife.

Inside the skin/shell is a layer of white pith.

Inside the pith layer is a yellow slimy center that looks like raw egg yolk.

Mixed in with the ‘egg yolk’ are clear/green seeds that look sort of like fish eggs and are about the size of a pomegranate seed and are crunchy in the same way too.

I have actually eaten this so I can tell you that it sort of tastes like a sour patch kid, except crunchy.

Scoop out the whole center and enjoy, right??

What do you think?

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  1. It is OBVIOUSLY an overripe or stale meatball which has been stolen by a disgruntled customer from a Southern Italian cafe. The green crunch and tough ‘shell’ result from the long trip it took en route to Shanghai in a jacket pocket.

    You neglect to say whether these are eaten hot or cold. I suggest you ask the predator who ‘found’ it.

    • LOL! I asked and the preferred serving temperature is room temp. Also, it can be improved by drizzling honey on it. But then again what isn’t improved by putting honey on it??

    • What a wonderful comment, David. It shows me that despite all your handicaps you haven’t lost your humor and keen mind. It also opens new facilities of communicating beyond lengthy letters or eMail messages. Take care Gunther & crew

    • I feel like I need a pith helmet, a khaki vest with lots of pockets, and an old camera on a tripod so I can venture out into the “wilds” of China! or maybe I will take the Marlin Perkins stand (like in Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom) and send a friend out to try things and I can just report on them. Want a job as my sidekick?? 😀

    • I swear they are meant to be eaten. And when you hear what it is you will realize how far our industrial food has gone. A flavor that is fairly common in the USA is utterly unknown in it’s real form.

  2. I ate something like this a thousand years ago in Mexico . It was called a granada, which meant a grenade. I liked them, but was always waiting for the grenade to blow up and somewhat afraid to find out what part of my intestinal track would be taken out in the blast.

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