Life in the wilds of Puxi


This is just a quick update as life keeps spinning along… we are heading back to the USA tomorrow to celebrate the holidays with our families and take a look at a few universities for my son.  But in the mean time the kid’s exams were finished and we had a free day to wander.  We did have a few last minute errands to do.  One of which was to pick up my daughter’s new coat.  One of the perks of living in Shanghai is the fabric markets.  You do have to shop carefully, ask around for recommendations, and don’t be shy about bargaining hard.  But if you do all of those things you will find some amazing tailors, beautiful fabric, and VERY reasonable prices.

My children have refused to stop growing!  This means that some of the clothes we came to China with no longer fit.  It also means that they are full fledged American sized kids and have no hope of fitting into off the rack Chinese clothes.  So it was off to the fabric market to get a winter coat.  The market is in the old section of Shanghai known as Puxi –  said poo-she.  This side of the city is full of all the amazing little warrens and alleys you would imagine in China.  We found some beautiful, interesting and downright strange stuff.  It was a very cold day and we took refuge in a macdonalds.  The funny part of that is that we have not set foot in a micky-d’s for about 5 years, but here we were, a day away from flying back to the US and we felt the urge for fries!

So here are some pictures from our grand day out…enjoy and see you all soon !


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  1. Soooo much more prosperous than when I was there!
    The Shanhainese are reputed to be the best tailors in China.

    Hope you enjoy your trip back to the US and that it isn’t too hectic.


    • I have heard that it snowed a little on one or two days last winter. But that was a BIG event that people still talk about, like the recent fall storm in the northeast US. It gets down to 32F during the night occasionally in the winter but daytime temps range in the 40’s or 50’s. We have palm trees (mostly the short fat variety) which they wrap the base of in thick raffia mats for the winter, and they have been planting pansies and cabbages over the last few weeks as winter flowers. It kind of reminds me of northern Georgia weather.

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