Felting in Shanghai


Since I have been in Shanghai I have joined several groups/clubs in order to meet people and see the city.  I belong to a book club whose members are funny, smart, witty, and thoughtful.  We are reading some great books.  I joined an outing club which is in the process of organizing hikes (can’t wait for these!).  I have joined a small group of writers and we are working on helping/encouraging each other with our writing – fiction in particular.  And last, but not least, I joined a knitting club.  The knitters are raucous group.  We laugh and exchange stories about Shanghai and the places we have previously called home.  We have members from Palestine, South Africa, Scotland, Australia, USA, Singapore……  I love it.  It’s like our own little UN.

I found this on the web. This is for all my knitting friends and family ! I love you 😀

As you may know I do knit a little.  I am actually pretty good at it.  At a solid ‘advanced beginner’ stage.  But I still need to concentrate when I knit so chatting is out.  Therefore I don’t really bring much knitting to knitting group.  I bring other fiber art projects that don’t require so much attention.  I have been working on learning rug hooking which is loads of fun and pretty easy to do.  Last week I brought some needle felting and several ladies were intrigued and wanted to learn.  So today I held my first felting class in Shanghai.  It was so fun!  I only had one student, which was perfect because I have never taught anyone before.  So poor P was my guinea pig.  We did some needle felting, some wet felting and some embellishment.  We were having such a good time chatting that we got a little over zealous with our soapy water during wet felting.  While squishing our projects around in bubble wrap blobs of foamy soap started shooting out at us.  I felt like I was riding on the soda powered car in the original Willie Wonka movie 🙂  Thank goodness we were in the kitchen!

In the end we made little Christmas ornaments with needle felting and finishing them off with wet felting.  Then we did flowers with wet felting and finished off with cookie cutter needle felting little ginger bread men.  I didn’t get to pack much in the way of Christmas decorations so I plan on making lots more.  P says I should run a class.  I just may do it!

Here are the fruits of our labor:

My biggest problem right now is finding an supply of roving or batting to use and felting needles.  I think I will have to order them from Australia.  But if anyone knows of a supplier in Shanghai let me know!

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  1. You should definitely hold another class. Those decorations are beautiful. The fiction writing sounds like perfect for you. These blogs have certainly shown us what a great writer you are. Now the hiking certainly is up your alley. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures once you start. You are certainly making the most of your experience there.

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