A Quick Hello


Here’s a quick hello for all my friends in the northeast USA.  Enjoy your snow 😀

I took this on October 28th. See the beautiful fall (lol) flowers behind me??

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  1. I could have found some flowers yesterday… but last night’s temperature drop (and snow in some areas – like at my house!) made them droop!. What is the temperature where you are? Do they have ‘snow days’ where you are? Have a great weekend!

  2. I still want to experience fall. I’m hoping once the snow goes away, we’ll still have a few warm fall days. We still have plenty of leaves on the branches. I hope the snow doesn’t weigh them down too much. Your weather looks beautiful. Do you remember the big snowfall in October in the eighties? This is nothing compared to that.

  3. Is that supposed to be funny?!? The whole Kelly/McCarthy clan is supposed to be tailgating at Rutgers today for a 3:30 game. It’s 9:40 and we’re getting a lovely freezing rain/snow mix. I have a feeling we’ll be watching the game in front of the fireplace…eating the dozens of red velvet cupcakes with the Rutgers logo on them.

    • LOL. Sorry, I don’t control the weather. But if I did I would make perfect tailgating party weather for you 🙂 How about if I send some sunshine you can send me some of your great cupcakes?? Better yet, I think you and the family should come visit! When will you get another chance to come to China with free room and board and tours of Shanghai? We miss you 😦

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