A semi-weekly food challenge


I am very sad, insert pouty face here, when I don’t get comments or emails.  And since you all seemed to enjoy the unusual food selections I posted  here, I thought I would try to perk up the conversation by giving you another installment in the game of “Guess what this is.”  The bonus round includes “What do you do with it” and  “What was the first thing that popped into your head when you saw it.”   And lastly the lighting round of “What was this blogger thinking when she saw it???”

The rules are simple.

1.  No cheating and googling the answers – those of you guilty of this know who you are!! lol

2.  There  are two winning categories: first the one with the correct answer and 2. the most creative answer – may or may not be factual.

Prizes include free room and board for visitors – airfare not included – and a meal of the winners choice.  This meal may or may not include the mystery item, it’s up to the discretion of the winner.  The winner will also get a full tour of the Carrefour grocery store while in lovely downtown Shanghai as well as a lesson in making xiao long bao.

Ok, so now that we are all clear here it goes:

I can’t wait to read your answers!

Talk to you all soon 🙂

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  1. Love this entry. Keep them coming! Here are my guesses.
    I think it’s a fried egg with something hidden under the yoke. I would eat it, but only if I am the one who put something in there without breaking the yoke like a mushroom. Otherwise it looks like it came from an alien chicken.
    First thing that popped into my head -An egg with something growing in the yoke
    What was this blogger thinking when she saw it? “There’s no way I’m eating this if there’s anything yucky under that yoke!”

    2. I think this is a Shish kabob with tomatoes. You could grill it and then put sauce on it and eat it right off the stick.
    First think that popped into my head – A popsicle with as a bonus, two free pencils sticking out of it
    What was this blogger thinking when she saw it? “They’ll never guess this one!”

    3. I am guessing this is freeze dried sea urchin tentacles. I think you soak them and put them in soup or maybe into an egg roll.
    First thing that popped into my head – Mushrooms with weird stems. If you saw them they might wave in the breeze.
    What was this blogger thinking when she saw it? “Maybe this would be good in soup.”

    1. I think the first picture shows packages of food for your fish made of haw (whatever that is) and the others are fruit roll ups made of a fruit named haw
    First thing that popped into my head- fish food flakes (first picture)
    What was this blogger thinking when she saw it? “Shall we buy this for our fish and as a handy snack when guests come over?”

  2. Hi Tory,
    Love your blog.
    The first picture looks like some kind of frying egg, but not chicken.
    The second food looks like dried muchrooms.
    In one of the pictures, the third food looks like some sort of cracker or cookie since the paackage says ‘with sugar’.

  3. Okay, here goes. The first items are eggs but not from a chicken. The yolks seem too big. You were hoping to have eggs over easy. The second item the handsome guy is holding is some kind of fruit on a stick. The skin is soft enough to pierce but firm enough to be on the stick. Will he be eating it off the stick as a snack? The third item is some kind of mushrooms. I have to say they look like the mermaids and mermen from The Little Mermaid before they were freed by Tritan. Would they taste good in one of your mew Chinese dishes from one of your classes? I’m at a loss on the last items. What could be in flake, roll and sugar coated form? Could it be like our oatmeal?

    • Oh my goodness! you all have me in stitches!! I am loving all your guesses and you all get bonus points for being the first few comments 🙂 But I have to be fair and give other people a chance before the big reveal. So for all you readers out there who haven’t commented….. the polls close Monday October 3 at 10pm Eastern US time and the answers will be revealed on Tuesday October 4 on or about 10am Eastern US time (depending on how well my internet is behaving at the moment). Have a great weekend, Happy National Day to my Chinese friends, and keep guessing!

  4. 1. An egg. What kind? Well, they don’t look the same. Duck, perhaps? or is the reason the one on the right is sticking up is because it is a double yolk? When I fry a double yolk egg, they don’t balance atop one another tho…

    2. Some kind of fruit. What was Tori thinking? My friends will try to figure out what his shirt says, and they will never guess this one! Thinking of all the items I’ve ever seen on a Chinese menu and didn’t know what they were, I’ll guess lychees,

    3. Mushrooms of some kind. If this is what they looked like at Adams, I’d never buy them, no matter how much my husband likes ‘shrooms.

    4. I’m thinking some kind of fruit. Picture number 5 reminds me of the filling in fig newtons. So, I’ll go with figs.

  5. 1. The one egg has obviously had some “work” done, natural eggs don’t look like that.
    2. I think S2 must be holding some kind of preserved egg, please mention to our Chinese brethren that it’s preferable to leave the shell on when making bright pink eggs.
    3. Those are the little mushrooms in miso soup, I love those, they kinda pop in your mouth!
    4-6. I have idea and since I can’t cheat (and if was FB not Google, I was simply broadening the fun!) I won’t even hazard a guess. Can you also be “hee” flakes?

    • All good guesses but you will have to wait for the big reveal to find out the answers. Also, please feel free to share the fun with others on FB or otherwise, the more the merrier 🙂 And you can only have hee and haw flakes if you can find donkey’s with dandruff 🙂 lol

  6. I love your blog! I.ve been touring so I haven’t had a chance to resd it. The bikes are great. You wonder what would happen if they took the wrong item off first. G

    • G, oh my goodness what an image! especially with the water bottles!! I hope touring is going well. If you want to tour Shanghai please know we have a room ready and waiting. Please tell K to email me, she had been talking about coming over but I don’t have her email. Thanks!

  7. Guesses from the fourth graders in Nancy’s class

    1. Melted ice cream
    2. Candied tomato kabob, baloney on a stick, candy apples on a stick, a frozen 7-Eleven Slurpee on a stick
    3. Dried mushrooms, Chinese french fries, dog food, fried seaweed
    4. Haw with sugar is banana bread, fudge, a rice treat or a cereal bar with sugar on it

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