Mystery Solved: Dried Cuttlefish for Dinner, Yummy : )


My sister sent me this recipe, which, if I can just get over the absolute yuck factor of how the dried cuttlefish looks, actually sounds reasonably good.  And the web site it is from may be a life saver because my repertoire  of Chinese cooking is rice and stir fry veggies.

Stir-fry Shredded Jicama with Dried Cuttlefish(Ju Hu Char)

Ju Hu Char is what we called in Hokkien dialect or literally translate to English as Stir-fry Shredded Cuttlefish .Ju hu Char is a typical Nyonya dish made with shredded jicama,carrot,dried cuttlefish,shitake mushroom and some sambal belacan. This dish usually eaten with wrapped boston lettuce leaves, as snack ,it’s really light,sweet and refreshing. I recalled my mom must cook this special dish for ever festival when giving prayer on her prayer alter. I miss my mom cooking:( Well,when I was back in Malaysia last year,my mom gave me a portable hand slicer and shredder .This kitchen gadget is so useful and good to shred any vegetables or fruit. I would love to share my simple and yet delicious Ju Hu Char with you..


1 large jicama (sengkung or white turnip ) peel and shredder,about 2 lb
1 large carrot ,peel and shredder (soak in cold water after shredder to remove the color)
6 pieces dried cuttlefish (wash, shredder or chopped) I can’t find the ready shredder dried cuttlefish
1/2 cup shelled off clam
1/4 fried anchovies
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp ground white pepper
4 cloves fresh garlic (peel and chopped)
1 tbsp oil
1 head romaine lettuce (wash and drain)
sambal olek on side *optional*


1: Peel,shred and wash jicama,carrot and cuttlefish, sieve ,then set aside. Heat wok or skillet at medium high heat with oil ,add in anchovies and dried shredder cuttlefish,fry until fragrant,then dish out on a plate.

2:Add in some oil and chopped garlic into the wok,fry for 30 second,then add in shelled off clam, shredder jicama and carrot.Keep stirring for 2 minutes then add in salt and white ground pepper.Stir-fry until all well combine.

3: Check the seasoning,then dish out,set aside. To wrap with lettuce use 2 tbsp or more ,then drizzling with some sambal olek or spicy sauce ,fold the lettuce then serve .

I used dried cuttlefish to replace the fine shredder Ju Hu since I can’t find any here yet..Beggar can’t be choosy,right ?*wink* As long as the dish have dried Cuttlefish flavor,it’s really superb!! You can use any lettuce like Boston lettuce or Iceberg lettuce..
Would you eat it??

About tvglgw

I am an expat wife, mom, RN, felter and sometimes knitter moving from the Hudson Valley, USA to Shanghai, China. I have 3 kids. One is staying in the US to finish college and two are joining me on my adventures.

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    • Yeah, obviously the author of the recipe has lived in the US for a while! But, I did get a head of very nice “boston” lettuce the other day. I don’t think they call it that, I will have to learn it’s local name and let you know. Perhaps it will be “Bejing lettuce”??

  1. I would eat it – minus the first five ingredients, and the option at the end. I’ll take a nice seasoned oil dressed salad any day 🙂

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