Mystery Item of the Week


What do you think this is? And how would you use it in a dinner?

About tvglgw

I am an expat wife, mom, RN, felter and sometimes knitter moving from the Hudson Valley, USA to Shanghai, China. I have 3 kids. One is staying in the US to finish college and two are joining me on my adventures.

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  1. Well this is obviously the de-hydrated heads of the monster who tunnel under the ground in the movie Tremors. I would boil them, then broil them for a few minutes, then add them to a pot of stock and then throw them away and go buy some nive ramen noodles!

      • I’m thinking like squid…either quick fry or long stewing. I still think it’s to ugly to eat. Looks like dehydrated alien!

      • I agree! it does look like alien. But a lot of stuff in my local market looks really strange and I think this one falls in the mid range of weirdness, if you can believe that!

    • I hope everything is going well for you and the new school year has gotten off to a good start for the kids. I still think of Danielle sitting in her stroller on that spring day so long ago and my boys splashing around her : ) Shanghai is an amazing city and so far we are all doing really well but there are definitely moments when I feel like Alice and I have just fallen down the rabbit hole!
      Keep in touch. Any private news/info should be sent to my email as this is a public blog.

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