We moved into our apartment yesterday around mid morning. The day was spent unpacking, doing laundry, figuring out how things worked.

We discovered we have a panic button in our bedroom which, when pushed, causes the main desk to call your apartment and if you don’t answer they come running. How do we know this? Well, of course we tried it, silly! We didn’t even know it was there. It is tucked behind one of the bedside lamps and I believe that something just knocked into it. One advantage of being the foreigner is that when the security guy leaves your apartment after resetting the button and is mumbling , you are blissfully unaware of the insults he is flinging your way 🙂

This morning I woke up at 5:30 and stepped out on the balcony. Shanghai has given us a house warming gift. The thick heat, that occasionally breaks into pouring rain and then back to low clouds that make you long for a catskill autumn, has broken. This morning there is clear sky and a cool breeze. The view from the 7th floor seems endless across the park and through the city beyond. The men are swimming laps in the canal across the street. The tree frogs are chirping a tune along with the crickets. As the sun rises the cicadas start their hum. A man is singing an opera like tune down the way. There is time for all the chaos of traffic and street vendors later, right now my adopted city just seems to be sighing and enjoying the morning with me.

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  1. What a wonderful description of your new surroundings. I had commented on earlier entries of yours, but don’t know if my comments got through to you. So I try to convey one perhaps important message to you again: Google . He is the son of our former host family in New Haven back in the 1968ies. He is a China expert having lived there for over 20 years and besides a nice fellow. Perhaps he can give you some useful advice both privately and professionally. Take care Gunther & family

    • I am sorry I did not post your earlier comments but I am trying very hard to keep personal information like names and home addresses off the blog as it is open to the public. Thank you so much for the kind notes and the referral to your friend. We will definitely look him up. If you, or either of your girls, would like a china adventure we do have a spare bedroom and would love to see you! Please email me in the future if you would like to share personal information at tvglgw@yahoo.com.

      PS Facebook does not work here so do not send me messages or comments that way either : (

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