The Questions of the Day: but only one answer


Along the way I have discovered there are unwritten rules to the twisted and sometimes sadistic game of “let’s make this nice family pick up their lives and move halfway around the world and, btw, lets make them think we are being helpful, but….”

Today’s rule is : you only get one question answered a day, never mind the fact that you have two and they are both immediately important…. And they are even related questions.,,,,Which should not require great amounts (if any) research by the person answering because they are the “experts” assigned to be your helpers and advisors, lol.

So, I digress….all we want to know is 1) if all of our paperwork is in order so we can go ahead and buy plane tickets (did I mention we are supposed to be there tomorrow? but we had long given that up and accepted that the kids would be a week late for school. and 2) Are we allowed to use the company credit card to buy said tickets or are we expected to front the money and get reimbursed? We got our answer to question 1. Having had our hands slapped previously for not following procedure I guess we will wait patiently and hope today is the day we get question 2 answered.
Lets just hope we don’t have any other questions today 🙂

About tvglgw

I am an expat wife, mom, RN, felter and sometimes knitter moving from the Hudson Valley, USA to Shanghai, China. I have 3 kids. One is staying in the US to finish college and two are joining me on my adventures.

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