We have a place to live!


The endless amounts of red tape involved in this move from the US to Shanghai, China never ceases to amaze me. It has been a real roller coaster ride of events. But as of today we have the kids signed up for school, a place to live, and a job….everything else is cake!
oh wait, I spoke too soon….we still have to figure out the approved way to ship our personal items. It seems that not only does everyone along the way (the movers, the TSA, the movers on the chinese side, and the chinese customs agents) have their own form, but often they have forms to fill out to then get the approved form 🙂
We just smile and roll with the punches – except the days that we have temper tantrums alternating with a stiff drink. Having VERY supportive friends and family along the way to lend an ear has eased the tension. I thank you all and hope to see you in china!

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